Dr. Christie Seibert in the control booth at the UW Health Clinical Simulation Program
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Medical Student: Phase 1 (Preclinical)

Clinical Outpatient Teaching

Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Phase 1 Preceptor Program (P1PP)Students see patients with you or your team to practice early clinical skills5 half days/semester for 3 consecutive semesters
(fall, spring, fall)
Christa Pittner-Smith, MD
MEDiC ClinicsStudents see patients with you at various free clinics in MadisonVariable, typically evening or weekendsChristie Seibert, MD or
Kristi Jones


Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Patient Centered Education (PaCE) Case FacilitatorTeach early medical students in a Problem‐Based Learning FormatMondays and Thursdays (AM or PM) during the fall semesterAmy Becker
Medium‐sized group facilitatorFacilitate early medical students discussion of pre‐written cases1 ½ hour sessions, variable days of the weekAmy Becker
Clinical Skills Co‐ TeacherTeach clinical skills to a small group of studentsMondays and Thursdays (AM or PM) during the fall semesterKelly Herold, MD
Partner Longitudinal Teacher Coach (LTC)Teach clinical skills, facilitate PaCE cases, assist with OSCE grading

Academic year 0.1 or 0.2 FTE

*Must be approved by division chief

Kelly Herold, MD
Phase 1 BlocksLive or pre-recorded lecturesVariable, depending on content and lengthElaine Pelley, MD

Medical Student: Phase 2 (Required Clinical Courses)

Clinical Outpatient

Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Chronic & Preventive Care Block: Clinic PreceptorStudents see patients, write notes, and learn about outpatient care.Variable, depending on student and faculty scheduleTara Loushine


Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Acute Care Block: Case-Based Learning PreceptorGroup of 4‐6 students discuss pre‐ written inpatient cases and examine hospitalized patientsWednesday PMs, 1 ½ hours, 9 sessions over 12 weeksTara Loushine
Chronic & Preventive Care Block: Case-Based Learning PreceptorMedium sized group discuss pre‐ written outpatient casesOne half day per week (AM or PM) 8 sessions over 12 weeks


Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) Grader

Review videos and complete checklists of student’s interactions with standardized


One half day of work, with one week to completeTara Loushine

Medical Student: Phase 3 (Acting Internship and Clinical Electives)


Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Medicine IAI DidacticsConferences taught once a month to the inpatient acting internsOne hour long, once a monthTara Loushine
Intern Prep CourseTeach clinical skills in SIM center &/or facilitate mock paging teaching sessionWeek long course in March. Can participate in any sessions that work with your schedule

Clinical and Classroom

Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Basic Science SelectivesDevelop and teach a 2-week elective courseVariable, depending on time needed to develop and teach courseTara Loushine
Public Health Selectives

Medical Student: All Phases


Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Block Leader or Assistant Block LeaderA leadership role in medical student educationVaries, formal FTE appointment with the medical schoolElizabeth Tuschen



Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
VAH Morning ReportPresent a clinical topic, facilitate a case discussion, or discuss MKSAP questions with a small group of residents

1 hour discussion, occurs M, W, Th, 9-10 AM

GRECC 4th floor conference room

Chief residents
Intern Lecture Series (ILS)Lectures on IM topics1 hour didactic presentation
Journal ClubFacilitate discussion of articlesAbout 2-3 hours over several meetings: selection of articles, discuss article themes and appraisal, attend journal clubSean O’Neill, MD or
Chief Residents


Course/Session/Position TitleDescriptionTime CommitmentContact
Practice improvement QI projectMentor and advise a resident on their projectSeveral hours over the yearSean O’Neill, MD (@UW) or
Bob Holland, MD (@VAH)
ACP Clinical Vignettes and Poster CompetitionMentor and advise a resident or student on a case presentation or posterSeveral hours over the months prior to submissionSean O’Neill, MD (@UW)
Residency Wellness CommitteeMentor or sponsorVariableChief residents
Resident mentoring programMentor a resident over their three years of residencyAbout 1 hour every 2-3 monthsAndrea Schnell, MD
The Education Academy for Clinical Housestaff (TEACH) pathwayMentor a resident on their project10 hours over 2 yearsAmy Zelenski, PhD
Empathy courseMentor residents or facilitate small groups5-10 hours per year