The Wellness Committee works with department and institutional leadership as well as members of our divisions to create a professionally fulfilling workplace for our faculty. 

It promotes effective well-being policies, leadership, and scholarship to enhance faculty comradery and community. 

It is developing a well-being plan that includes specific, actionable recommendations for how to incorporate faculty well-being into practice and operational improvement—based on the best evidence and aligned with UW Health well-being recommendations. 



  • Siobhan Byrne, MD, committee chair (Gastroenterology and Hepatology)
  • Jason Dambach, MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Erin Fouch, MD (General Internal Medicine)
  • Sharon Gehl, MBA (Administration)
  • Nicole Reilly, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine)
  • Joshua Stuart Shapiro, MD (Hospital Medicine)
  • James Stein, MD (Cardiovascular Medicine) 
  • Siobhan Wilson, MD, PhD (General Internal Medicine)