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Who Do I Contact?

Andrea Schmick

Andrea Schmick, Communications Director. Contact Andrea for submissions to Vital Signs and other Department of Medicine-specific communication needs. 

For information about patient-directed marketing and communication projects, see UW Health below. For media questions, contact UW Health Media Relations at (608) 262-6343 or (608) 262-2122 after office hours, or by emailing

Email Andrea | Phone: (608) 263-5649

Submit a request:


Craig Jewell

Craig Jewell, Web Developer. Contact Craig for questions regarding the Department of Medicine web site,
Email Craig | Phone: (608) 265-4853


Clint Thayer

R. Clint Thayer, Photographer and Videographer. Contact Clint to inquire about/schedule photo and video services for an academic medicine audience.
Email Clint | Schedule an appointment | Phone: (608) 772-0048


Social Media

The Department of Medicine maintains presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Contact the communications team to submit content requests or to request a social media campaign/project on behalf of your division or program.

If you are interested in creating a social media account for your division or submit, please contact the communications team beforehand. We will review the concept with leadership, and if approved, work with you on a content plan, policy review and training in social media best practices. Unauthorized social media accounts established in the name of department subunits or programs are subject to closure.

Department of Medicine social media accounts:

Resources for individual use of social media:

UW Health

UW Health Marketing and Communications is a separate entity from the UW-Madison Department of Medicine communications team. UW Health Marketing and Communications is responsible for communicating with patient and consumer audiences about UW Health's programs and services. If the end user or audience is a patient or prospective patient, you must work with UW Health. Contact your service line's Marketing Strategist.

As of September 2019, UW Health marketing strategists working with service lines associated with the Department of Medicine are:

  • Kelly Bird: The Center for Wellness at The American Center
  • Kari Brotzman: Alzheimer's Institute, Behavioral Health, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Primary Care
  • Renae Buchheim: Cardiovascular Medicine, Cardiovascular Research Center, Heart and Vascular Care, Preventive Cardiology
  • JJ Prieve: Allergy/Asthma, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Digestive Health Services and Center, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, HIV Care & Prevention Program, Osteoporosis, Pulmonology
  • Lori Strelow: Breast care, Breast Center, Hematology, Medical Oncology, Oncology, Nephrology, Kidney Clinic, Wisconsin Dialysis 

UW Health Marketing and Communications is open from 8 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday. If you have an urgent need, page the offices by calling (608) 262-2122 and entering pager number 7594. A UW Health Marketing and Communications staff member is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The following web sites and newsletters are produced by the UW Health Marketing and Communications Department and/or UW Health Web Center. The Department of Medicine does not maintain content on these sites. Please contact UW Health directly to request changes.

Responding to Media Inquiries

Contact UW Health media relations before responding to direct requests from journalists. You can reach UW Health Media Relations by calling (608) 262-6343 or (608) 262-2122 after office hours, or by emailing For more information, see the UW Health media guide on the U-Connect intranet. Media relations professionals are ready to assist you.



Logos for UW School of Medicine and Public Health units (including the Department of Medicine, its divisions and centers) are maintained at Media Solutions. Please visit the Media Solutions logo page for the complete list.

The links on that page will direct you to Box folders from which you can download files (UW NetID login required).

File Formats

Use .png files for most digital purposes (Powerpoint, web, email, etc.)

For high-resolution print purposes, use .eps files (requires Adobe Creative Suite).  

Other Campus Logos

For University of Wisconsin-Madison logos and/or the UW Crest, see University Marketing’s Print or Web logos and guidelines. 

Appropriate Usage

Please adhere to University Marketing's guidelines for logo use in print design and web design.

Please do not alter the primary institutional or secondary departmental logos in any way, adjust the color or substitute type fonts in the logos, reconfigure or combine them with elements of other logos, include them within narrative text to replace words, or attempt to re-create them in any way. 

Please do include the Department of Medicine logo on any presentations for studies that received funding or support from the department, such as pilot grants for research or medical education.

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