University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Purchasing Card Guidelines

If you are not sure which card or funding to use for a specific expense, please contact your Division Administrator or divisional finance staff to confirm BEFORE purchasing. Expenses paid on the wrong card will need to be reversed.

Purchasing requirements differ depending on your funding source – please select your funding source to view the relevant guidelines:



Fast Facts:

  • Both UW Health and UW Madison purchases are tax-exempt. The relevant tax-exempt number is printed on your card for reference.
  • UW Health uses Corporate Cards, UW Madison uses Purchasing Cards (P-cards). Both are provided by US Bank, but use different logins and cycle/allocation time frames. UW Health cards run on a monthly statement cyle, while UW Madison cards run on an ongoing basis.
  • Please note: DOM requires that all tech-related items - including computers, hardware, software, peripherals, etc - be purchased through the DOM IT Helpdesk. These items are NOT allowable on an individual's card.
  • If your purchase is allowable and follows all purchasing policies, it is preferred that business credit cards are used as the payment method, rather than requesting a reimbursement.
  • All card holders and site managers/approving managers need to have a backup system in place for expected and unexpected absences. Funding allocation deadlines are strict deadlines and cannot be extended due to absence.
  • If you are using Professional Funds, follow UW Health guidelines. If you are using grant funding, follow UW Madison guidelines.
  • UW purchasing cards (p-cards) may NOT be used to pay for UW Health expenses. UW Health corporate cards may NOT be used to pay for UW Madison expenses.