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Expense Reimbursement

This page applies to university-funded travel and expense reimbursement. If you are requesting reimbursement from the UW Health (legacy UWMF), please refer to UWH Travel Policy.


Before planning university-funded travel, please be sure to review the campus resources listed below, and the University Travel Policy summary.

REMINDER: All university-related air travel must be booked through Fox World Travel/Concur.  Lodging must be booked directly with hotel, via Fox World/Concur, or with conference link, if applicable.  University policy prohibits use of 3rd-party travel sites such as Expedia, Kayak, etc. and will not reimburse for such.

The UW TravelWise site includes a calculator to help you determine meal and lodging amounts.

 e-Reimbursement is UW-Madison's web-based travel and expense reimbursement system.  The system can be used to request reimbursement for travel-related expenses and occasional "best judgment" business-related purchases ($5,000 or less).


  1. Log in and create your expense report.
  2. Be sure that the business purpose of your expenses are fully explained.  See additional tips from SMPH Fiscal (PDF) re: addressing internal audit findings that a complete business purpose must be described in each expense report.
  3. Verify that the correct funding source is listed, including mission coding, that you wish to pay for the expense(s).
  4. Add all necessary receipts as file attachments.
    • All common file types are acceptable: pdf, jpg, doc, xls, msg, png, etc.
    • Files that would normally be printed can now be “printed” to a PDF. If you do not have Adobe PDF as an available printer on your computer, please contact DOM Helpdesk for assistance in adding it.
    • Small paper receipts (taxi, restaurant, parking, etc) can be photographed with a smartphone. Please double check that the image is clear.
    • Any other paper receipts can be scanned and attached.
      a) Any sensitive information (ADA, HIPAA, credit card numbers, social security numbers) must be redacted for legal and security purposes. All attached documents are stored within the campus-wide E-Reimbursement system, and are open to public view.
      b) Approvers are not able to add, delete, or edit attachments in the report, so please make sure all required supporting documents are included and legible.
  5. Submit the electronic report in the system.
    • Note: Your approver is typically the accountant supporting your division.
    • Do not discard the original copies of your receipts until the report has been approved and you have received payment.


What documentation is needed to request reimbursement for a conference registration fee?

What documentation do I need if I plan to combine personal days with an out-of-state business trip?

A comparison airfare must be obtained at the time of booking; the university will pay the lesser amount of traveling on the actual days for the conference/meeting or traveling for the additional days. See Personal Travel under Booking a Flight

Is there guidance on how to plan travel for a guest speaker or interview candidate?

In the September 2017 Fiscal Forum, SMPH Fiscal issued the following example letters and a flight request form: Guest Speaker (Word) | Interview Candidate (Word) | Flight Booking Form (Word)

Can I use Fox World to book a family or university guest airline ticket?

Yes, but it requires a phone call to the UW System Onsite Agent and/or use of the Request Form.

I'm driving to a meeting. What do I need to do to request reimbursement?

To claim any vehicle-related expenses, first, make sure you are on Risk Management's Authorized Drivers list.

If the trip is more than 300 miles round-trip, consider reserving a UW Fleet vehicle.

Where can I find additional information?