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Faculty Evaluation FAQ


Note that the Faculty Evaluation is meant as a communication tool to start a dialogue between you and your Division Chief related to your achievements over the past year It is your opportunity to highlight your accomplishments and will assist you in identifying areas where you would like to improve. Please do not record any personal health information as a part of this evaluation.

Offsite Location Steps

Faculty Eval1. Connect using Citrix from any remote location

2. Use Faculty Evaluation link on Citrix desktop 

  • You will receive an automated email informing you that you need to complete your evaluation; follow the link provided in the email which will take you to your evaluation form
  • Complete the percentages for your activities by filling in the appropriate amount - this is an estimate of how you have typically spent your time over the last year. Note that the percentage total must equal 100% regardless of your percent FTE
  • For each additional question/category, you will rate yourself as Exceeds Expectations, Meets Expectations or Needs Improvement by choosing that rating from the corresponding drop down box. You must provide justification if you chose a rating of Exceeds Expectations or Needs Improvement. Meets Expectations does not require a justification, but you may provide one if you would like to explain your rating or provide examples
  • Each question has a "show definition" link next to it to make it clear the intent of the question or category
  • Self-defined goals: In this section, you will select up to three goals for yourself that you will work on over the next year. If you rated yourself as Needs Improvement in any area, you should have a corresponding goal that will help you improve in that area
  • When you are done completing your self-evaluation, you will submit to your Division Chief for review and comment. You also have the opportunity to request an in-person meeting with your Division Chief to discuss the evaluation by checking the "request a meeting" button. (Note: all Assistant Professors are required to meet in person with their Division Chief.)
  • Once your Division Chief reviews your evaluation, it will come back to you to review your Division Chief's comments. At that point, you may submit as complete and/or comment on your Division Chief's responses. You may also request a meeting at this time
  • If you have any questions on how to complete the evaluation, please contact DOM Associate Administrator, Sharon Gehl at 265-8626 or