Dr. Howard Bailey Discusses Impact of Data Mining on Cancer Research and Treatment

Dr. Howard Bailey

Howard Bailey, MD, professor, Hematology, Medical Oncology and Palliative Care and director, UW Carbone Cancer Center, was quoted in a business article about how data mining is transforming cancer research. 

In comments he delivered as a panelist for the Wisconsin Technology Council's Innovation Network, Dr. Bailey described the potential of immunotherapy, cancer genomics, and electronic health records that allow insight into treatment outcomes at a scale not previously attainable. 

“As with any problem, the better we understand it and the more data we get, the more likely that we are going to figure some things out,” said Dr. Bailey. 

In other news coverage, Dr. Bailey was also mentioned as meeting with medical group representatives of Foxconn corporation as they reportedly visited the Madison area on a business development trip.




Photo credit: Department of Medicine / Clint Thayer