2017 Holiday Greeting from the Chair

Holiday Greetings

  • Dr. Richard Page

As the Fall 2017 semester ends, Richard Page, MD, George R. and Elaine Love Professor and chair, Department of Medicine, takes the opportunity to share his thoughts with members of the department. Season’s Greetings to all! 

Dear members of the Department of Medicine community,

During the holiday season, it is valuable to reflect on what we are thankful for and on our aspirations for the New Year. Personally, I am grateful for the outstanding people we work with every day.

My holiday season is punctuated by resident interview season— literally hundreds of fourth-year medical students visiting Madison to be considered for the internal medicine match. This gives me the opportunity to describe to our visitors the extraordinary environment we offer here at UW. Even better, it gives me the opportunity to hear other greeters share their experience.  

Recently, one of our faculty members referred to the “love and support” that she had experienced throughout her career in the Department of Medicine. This choice of words struck me: if we provide an atmosphere filled with love and support as we continually pursue our teaching, clinical and research missions, we create an environment where everyone— faculty, learners and staff— can thrive. We each have our own personal experience, of course, but this is the time of year to consider our accomplishments and recommit to our goals. We can be thankful for the entire department community, all of you, who contribute to these efforts.  

I wish you all a warm holiday season, filled with friends and family, and a very happy New Year.