University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Alumni Attendees

The following Internal Medicine Residency Alumni attended the reunion on May 20-21, and gave permission for their names to be shared. A total of 113 alumni attended; names are only listed below if registrants gave permission to do so. If you attended and would like your name to be added to this list, contact us

Name Graduation Year
Dr. Karen Ross 2002
Dr. Hector Ziperovich 1983
Dr. Halle Sobel 2002
Dr. Matt Crowe 2004
Dr. Brad Pohlman 1989
Dr. Dennis Maki faculty mentor
Dr. Christopher Hildebrand 1998
Dr. Jacky Kruser 2013
Dr. Jack Jones 1987
Dr. Jon Arnason 1993
Dr. Dennis Yamamoto 1981
Dr. Karen Hansen 1996
Dr. Sigurdur Bodvarsson 1999
Dr. Brent White 2015
Dr. Prakash Balasubramanian  2009
Dr. Bartho Caponi 2008
Dr. Sharon Haase 1988
Dr. Patrick Riccardi 1979
Dr. John Carlson 1986
Dr. David Andes 1996
Dr. Sean O'Neill 2012
Dr. Steven Magill 1993
Dr. Mark Albertini 1987
Dr. Ellen Barbouche 1999
Dr. Maureen McGeehan 2000
Dr. Brad Pohlman 1989
Dr. Kim Riess-Sagers 1993
Dr. Juanita Halls 1984
Dr. Peter Blume 1981
Dr. Byungse Suh 1976
Dr. John Delury 1995
Dr. Linnea Smith 1984
Dr. Gina Utrie  2004
Dr. Vicky Cheung 2009
Dr. Joanie Addington-White  Faculty mentor
Dr. Joel Wacker  1982
Dr. Christie Bartels   Faculty mentor
Dr. Jeannina Smith  2002
Dr. Sharen Azar  2015
Dr. Douglas Peaslee  1990
Dr. Miguel Leal   Faculty mentor
Dr. Ticiana Leal  Faculty mentor
Dr. Andrew Vreede  2015
Dr. Richard Rieselbach Professor emeritus
Dr. Donald Harkness Professor emeritus
Dr. Eliot Williams Faculty mentor
Dr. Tom Shiffler Faculty mentor
Dr. Lindsay Voss 2015
Dr. Jill Zabih 2015
Dr. Bennett Vogelman 1981; Faculty mentor
Dr. Siobhan Wilson 2011
Dr. Kelly Herold 2010
Dr. Jeffrey Grossman 1978
Dr. Mark Lingenfelter 1980
Dr. Eric Gaumnitz 1992
Dr. Rebecca Byers 1989
Dr. Jan Erlandson 1974
Dr. Joel Miller 1992
Dr. Christie Bartels 2004; Faculty mentor
Dr. Nasia Safdar 2000; Faculty mentor
Dr. Adnan Said 2000; Faculty mentor
Dr. Clint Bonebrake 1988
Dr. Patrick Zimmermann 2012