University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

SMPH Gap Funding Program

The SMPH has established a program to help address the growing challenge of lapses in extramural funding. The funding for this program is limited, and will not be able to meet all, or even most, of the needs. Thus, the available funds will be offered on a competitive basis.


The primary focus for SMPH gap funding are those faculty who have previously had extramural grant support but are experiencing short-term difficulty in renewing the grant. Eligibility is restricted to those faculty members with a primary appointment of at least 50% in the SMPH; priority will be given to early to mid-career investigators. Awards will be decided by the Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Biotechnology and Graduate Studies, who may consult content experts in the applicant's research field as well as with the chair of the mentoring committee for an early career applicant

Criteria for awarding gap funding

SMPH Gap Funding will be awarded based upon evaluation of several criteria.

  • likelihood that an applicant will regain extramural funding, determined by a review of productivity, funding history and critiques of recent extramural grant applications.
  • amount of time and effort support from extramural grants that the PI has obtained in the past 5 years, as well as current extramural time and effort support.
  • alternative sources of funding available to the PI.

Application process

Applications may be sent via the department chair to the Senior Associate Dean ( at any time, preferably in electronic format, with the following items:

  • a cover letter requesting Gap Funding, explaining the circumstances that necessitate such funding for the proposed project, and describing the department's matching support.
  • one page describing the specific aims of the project.
  • proposed budget and budget justification, including all funds available for this and other projects in the Principal Investigator's laboratory.
  • critiques of the most recently reviewed application for extramural support of the project.
  • the Principal Investigator's current curriculum vitae or NIH Biosketch, including funding history for the past five years (specifying the amount of salary recovery from extramural funding sources).


Awards of up to $75,000 will be made, the amount varying based upon an analysis of need and the availability of funds.

There is an expectation that matching funds will be provided from the home department of the applicant.

PI salary support should not be included in the budget.

Faculty receiving gap support will be expected to refrain from accepting any new graduate students or post-doctoral fellows until they have "closed the gap" by regaining their extramural support.

Initiated by the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, July 1, 2013