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A. The SMPH has issued guidelines regarding faculty salary on sponsored projects and it is attached.

Some of the highlights:

  • The percent effort included in a project budget must accurately represent the effort required to complete the work.
  • Unless specifically prohibited by the granting agency, faculty are required to seek compensation as a percent of University salary that is identical to percent effort dedicated to the project.
  • Typically, principal investigators will dedicate a minimum of 35% effort to their first extramural project and a minimum of 50% combined effort to two extramural projects. (This may fluctuate depending on departmental expectations of a person's responsibilities.)

Chairs and their representatives will be responsible for assuring compliance with these guidelines. The Commitment Inquiry in WISPER under "SFS Extensions" which shows everyone's current commitments on sponsored projects should aid in determining what effort is available.

B. These guidelines are consistent with the University's policy which is to minimize institutional and third party cost sharing on sponsored projects.

If there is cost sharing on a sponsored project, it will have to be approved by the chair and the dean's office (Debbie Meltzer). I have attached our procedures for acquiring this approval and it involves the use of the Cost Sharing tool which is on the RSP web site at:

There will be additional information about cost sharing on this site.

Effective March 1, 2011, we will not process any new proposal that includes cost sharing if we have not approved it first. It will NOT be necessary to make any changes to existing awards or proposals.

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