University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Introduction to Research

Introduction to Research
FALL 2018-Wednesdays 12:00 to 1:15
Lunch will be provided


Introduction of ORS Team:

Betty Weiss, Dana Coshenet, and Shari Zeldin  


LECTURE 1: October 10, 2018  Room MFCB 3114 **


HR Information -- Patrick Hanson and Jena Yohann

Recruitment and Selection (employment types, recruitment procedures,


What is a PVL? How do I hire?

Performance Management

          What to do if someone is not working out in the lab? 


LECTURE 2: October 17, 2018 Room MFCB 4156


Introduction to Research -Betty Weiss


What is Research-where do I begin? 

Types of Research?

Basic Research, Clinical Research v. Clinical Trials

new Clinical Trials definition

Resources and information found in DOM, SMPH, or RSP?


How do I get funding to start my project--where do I begin?

          Funding for your idea

          Internal/Agency grants/Federal grants

How to search for opportunities (Including

Other Search tools


What is DHHS?  What is NIH?

           NIH Structure/mission

          Funding opportunities

          Language of NIH

          Register in Commons

Types of grants

What opportunities can I apply for in the different stages of my career? 

Career Award Opportunities



LECTURE 3: October 24, 2018  Room MFCB 4156


Grant Writing for Success - Betty Weiss


Keys to success in Grant Writing

          10 steps to success


          Where do I start writing?

          Plan ahead/Create Time/Good Grantsmanship

          Parts of a grant:


                    Specific Aims

                    Research Strategy

                    Other sections

                    Cover letter and new 398 assignment form

          Reviewer comments

          Study section information-video/Scoring of applications



LECTURE 4: October 31, 2018 Room MFCB 4156


Introduction to Human Subjects Research --Nichelle Cobb and Faye Lux


Regulations and policies

Revised Common rule

new-NIH single IRB requirement

          Definition of Human Subjects Research 

                    Common Rule

                    Not HS research

                    Exempt research

          How to start the IRB review process??

                    Which IRB to use

                    Training Requirements

                    Conflict of Interest (COI)

          IRB Review Process

                    After approval

                    Funding Issues      



LECTURE 5: November 7, 2018  Room MFCB 4156


Conducting Human Subjects Research –Shari Zeldin


The ethical responsibility of conducting human subjects research

Good Clinical Practice

The Protocol

The difference between Clinical Care and Clinical Research



LECTURE 6: November 14, 2018 Room MFCB 4156 –2 parts


Feasibility issues for IRB –Shari Zeldin



Data Security -– Jennifer Bonifas and Mike Masse

What data storage is available and provided by DOM?

How secure is this storage service?

Will my research involve PHI?

Who can help make sure the PHI will meet HIPAA compliance or other agency compliance?

What can I do to protect research data?

Who is responsible for access controls?



No Class on November 21, 2018 due to Thanksgiving



LECTURE 7: November 28 5, 2018 Room MFCB 4156


 Budgets, more admin parts and how to submit your grant. – Betty Weiss


Budget basics: Direct vs Indirect costs

Types of budgets

                    Modular v. Detailed

What are allowable and unallowable costs?

          What is F&A and other frequently asked questions


          Things to consider/How to find costs:

OnCore, personnel, data purchases, Clinical Research Unit (CRU), core lab services, PRC, etc----Shari??

New-E-forms – effective Jan 25, 2018

NIH Biosketch and other support

NIH Biosketch-new format

          PMCID numbers –or last class?

Other support pages

Rigor and Reproducibility


How do I submit a grant?

          UW approval requirements

          WISPER for internal routing

Cayuse for federal submissions



LECTURE 8: December 5, 2018 Room MFCB 4156


Post Award Management – Betty Weiss and Dana Coshenet

Responsibility/Accountability lies with the PI

How do I manage my accounts—who is available to help me?

          How is post award management handled?  -

          What are allowable costs?

          What can I see in WISDM?

          What are PI tools?

          DOM queries available

          Financial Progress Reports

           Financial Grant close out.




LECTURE 9: December 12, 2018 Room MFCB 4156


Other Grant Management issues – Betty Weiss

Roles and responsibility of NIH

Role and responsibility at UW

Effort Reporting (ECRT)

How does salary match up with effort reporting?

Supplemental materials—new limits

Appendix-new limits starting Jan 2017

PMCID numbers

What is JIT?

 Notice of Award (NoA)

NoA and check in Commons  – To view grant after submission

What’s needed for a progress report?  How do I use RPPR?

          Check with Dana for account balance

          --my NCBI

          --Who is it routed to:  In DOM Betty and then Debbie Meltzer (SMPH)

Account set-up

Transferring grants to or from UW

How do I request a No Cost Extension?

Final Scientific Report to close out/financial close out


Course review