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Frequently Asked Questions

What departments are served by the DOM Biostatistician?

The DOM biostatistician serves all divisions within the DOM. If you are an individual within one of these divisions, you can consult with the biostatistician at no charge

How much do I pay for the services of the DOM Biostatistician?

The services of the Biostatistician is free to all divisions of the DOM

How do I request the services of the Biostatistician?

Please complete the following form for the consultation service

Biostatistical Consultation Form

What if I want to continue working with a biostatistician from ICTR?

The DOM offers statistical help through both the department biostatistician and ICTR. You may request statistical consultation from either methods but the services of the DOM Biostatistician is specifically to help the work of junior faculty. If you are a senior faculty, please use services from the ICTR (Request form)

When should I contact the biostatistician to aid me in my project?

Ideally, you would want to contact the biostatistician when you are in the infant stages of a research project. This way, you can receive adequate recommendations on the study design, research question development, data collection methods and other early stage planning procedures. Timeline specifications for different consultation types are listed on the Biostatistical Consultation Form

Can I list the DOM Biostatistician on my grant?

You may list the DOM biostatistician on your grant if you plan to work together on your project. Please reach out to the statistician before submitting a grant she is included in.

What types of services can I request from the DOM Biostatistician?

The Biostatistician offers a wide variety of services listed on the DOM website below. If you have other needs not mentioned in the original list, please use the “other field” on the form to specify

Biostatistical Consulting page