University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Basic Grants Procedure

Process for submitting a grant application

  1. If you need assistance with grant or budget preparation, or if you have any questions prior to submission, contact Betty Weiss at 262-7744 or email:
  2. For help with creating a UW WISPER record (an electronic routing document), contact administrative staff in your division or the Office of Research Services. For this you will need to supply:
    • Your name and contact information
    • Grant title
    • Sponsor information and submission instructions (PA, RFA, etc)
    • Pending status or approval letters for animal, human, or biological safety
    • Budget and budget justification
    • Abstract or scope of work 
    • A list of all key personnel, their requested effort and departments if outside DOM.
  3. Electronic processing of the WISPER record includes sending to Betty under a Chair approval action. After all approvals are obtained, the record will be routed to the Dean's office (#53) and from there to RSP.
  4. For a mailed application, Betty would like to see a hard copy of the whole application before it is mailed to check for completeness, fonts, spacing etc following agency guidelines. In addition, a complete hard copy of the final version is required for DOM files after the grant is submitted.
  5. If the application is electronic (but not Cayuse), RSP will contact the person named in WISPER when the grant is approved for submission to the sponsor. If the application is paper-based, and original signatures are required on a face page, RSP will call the listed contact for pickup. RSP is located at 21 North Park Street, Suite 6401.

Cayuse applications to and other federal agencies are submitted by RSP after electronic approval and routing through DOM and SMPH.