Citrix Installation and Setup for Windows

  1. Click here to install Citrix plug in
  2. At the bottom of your Internet Explorer Window – It will say “Do you want to run or save WindowsCitrixsInstaller.msi (5.92MB) from” click the arrow next to Save and click Save As
  3. Click Desktop and save the file
  4. Close your Internet Explorer Window
  5. On your desktop double click the WindowsCitrixsInstaller.msi file
  6. Click Run (program installs on its own)
  7. Go back to:  Accessing Department of Medicine Citrix page – right click on the Citrix link
  8. Regular click “Save Target As” and choose your desktop and save it to your desktop as: citrixseverone.ica  (make sure it says .ica and not .ica.txt)
  9. Use this file on your desktop to login to Citrix