University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Westergaard Research Team

Research Program Director and Principal Investigator

Wisconsin Department of Health Services Chief Medical Officer

Program Manager

Administrative Program Assistant

Hepatitis C Epidemiologist

Project Manager

Project Manager

Recruitment and Retention Specialist

Program Contractors

  • Sarah Krechel, Vivent Health Research Coordinator
  • Cameron Liebert, Vivent Health Research Specialist
  • Barry Fox, Antibiotic Stewardship Coordinator
  • Sowmya Adibhatla, Viral Hepatitis Outreach Specialist
  • Ryan Rhode, HIV Peer Navigator
  • Bethany Horvath, HIV Grant Administrator

Current and Former Students and Interns

  • Karli Hochstatter, PhD Student
  • Kristen Brunsell, PhD Student
  • Quinton Taylor, MD Program Student
  • Amy Baltes, Graduate Student
  • Ali Moellner, Graduate Student
  • Maggie Seis, Graduate Student
  • Misbah Zaeem, Graduate Student
  • Emma Klein, Graduate Student
  • Josh Wilke, Shapiro Student
  • Becca Case, Shapiro Student
  • Abi Boeck, Shapiro Student
  • William Henry Bull, Shapiro Student
  • Shruti Rajan, Shapiro Student
  • Emma Gill, Shapiro Student
  • Johanna Brotz, Research Intern
  • Brittany Pufall, Research Intern
  • Leah Deshler, Research Intern
  • Brooke Beidel, Undergraduate Student
  • Staci Ikeri, Undergraduate Student
  • Giovanni Hanstad, Undergraduate Student
  • Coleman Fine, Undergraduate Student
  • Rita Simpson, Undergraduate Student
  • Queila Griffin, Undergraduate Student
  • Ella Welsh, Undergraduate Student