University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Professional Identity Development

Resident and young friendResidents will become aware of their limitations, strengths, weaknesses, and personal vulnerabilities. They will assess their own personal values and priorities in order to develop and maintain an appropriate balance of personal and professional commitments and understand how the qualities and actions of their personal life can enhance their professional lives and vice versa. They will learn how to seek help and advice when needed for their own difficulties and develop appropriate personal coping strategies and mechanisms for stress-reduction. They will recognize how their actions affect others in their professional circle. They will learn how to seek, accurately review, and respond to performance feedback. They will learn how to take action in an effort to develop their own careers and achieve their own performance standards in either the academic or private sector. They will understand how to be a good citizen in the organization that they join. They will learn how to integrate a program of personal good health and stress reduction into their daily lives. Residents will understand the concept that the education of the heart and their personal growth is at least as important as the education of their mind and professional growth.

Opportunities to achieve the competency

  • All rotations
  • Working with teams
  • Annual discussion with Program Director
  • Seminars on professional development, balance, and stress reduction
  • Ability to individualize schedule to better dovetail with personal life
  • Meetings with mentors, role models and senior faculty
  • Intern learning small-groups
  • Humanism curriculum

Feedback methods

  • Rotation feedback
  • Self-evaluation / self-reflection
  • Semi-annual feedback based on observations of program leadership
  • Evidence of planning in this area
  • Attendance
  • Evidence of progressive understanding in this area in semi-annual feedback
  • Participation in self-improvement program
  • Peer feedback
  • Feedback from other team members
  • Fulfillment of professional responsibilities and credentialing items