University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Practicing Evidence-Based Medicine

Simulation CenterOur program progressively helps residents learn and apply evidence-based medicine by integrating it into the flow of patient care as part of their three-year primary care curriculum. Residents develop skills in acquiring and appraising evidence and asking answerable questions during workshops in their first year. Weekly Wednesday morning conferences and a library of on-line articles strengthen residents' understanding of the most common outpatient problems seen in clinic. Second year residents apply their EBM skills by posing a clinical question and analyzing a seminal paper at Journal Club. Residents are required to demonstrate mastery of their critical review skills when they present a systematic review of the literature on a topic of their choice in our Advances project during their second and third years of residency. This tiered curriculum emphasizes ongoing evaluation that allows residents to carry with them from the program the skills to critically assess literature for the remainder of their careers. UW-Madison is currently helping residents develop competence in evidence-based prescriptions as they learn to apply evidence to individual patients in their clinic.