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UW HospitalUW Hospital and Clinics (UWHC) and the William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital (VAH) are part of the Clinical Science Center complex (other attached buildings include the Health Sciences Learning Center, School of Medicine and Public Health, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy, the Wisconsin Institute for Medical Research, and the American Family Children's Hospital) on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison. UWHC is a nationally known medical center serving more than 620,000 patients anually; 270,000 of whom receive their primary care through us. With over 1,400 physicians in 80 clinics and 6 hospitals, we provide care for Wisconsin's Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other fee for service patients, Medicare patients, and the Eldercare program. Being centered in a hospital under a Public Authority for the State of Wisconsin, our program provides care for medically underserved individuals, correctional system inmates and the State's medical assistance program. UWHC is consistently ranked the number one hospital in Wisconsin and in the top 100 hospitals in the US. For more details please go to the UWHC website.


VA HospitalThe William S. Middleton Memorial Veterans Hospital is physically connected to UW Hospital and Clinics. It is the only VA hospital in the U.S. with both five Joint Commission stars and a Magnet Nursing Program. The Veterans Hospital is a regional and national acute care referral center with modern intensive care units, an extensive outpatient wing and a staff of nationally known medical specialists and researchers. The Veterans Hospital has general medical inpatient services, coronary and medical intensive care units, general and subspecialty outpatient clinics, and a community living center, rehabilitation, and hospice unit staffed by full-time Department of Medicine faculty. The VA Hospital has been awarded the PRIME grant that has fostered a clinical FIRM system. Our VA is one of only 22 centers in the country to have a Geriatrics Research Education and Clinical Center (GRECC). It houses a nationally recognized Women's Health Program to enhance primary care outpatient experiences and continuity of care. The Women's Health program has been sponsored by the Federal government to export its curriculum on the care of returning female veterans to VA sites across the US. Our VA Hospital offers comprehensive neurological and mental health evaluations, including an acute stroke team and mental health-primary care integration, and is one of only a few heart, lung, kidney and liver transplant, and LVAD centers in the entire VA system. New expansions have included building a short-term rehabilitation facility, new ICU and a new operative suite. Our staff is devoted to providing optimal care for our veterans and we have some of the best health care outcomes in the national VA system consistently ranking in the top 10% of VA's for subspecialty care access and quality performance measures across the country. For more details on the Veterans Hospital, please go here.


Meriter HospitalUnityPoint-Meriter Hospital is a 448-bed community hospital located one mile from UW Hospital and Clinics. The university teaching service is located in one wing of UnityPoint-Meriter Hospital and focuses on pulmonary medicine and intensive care. The teaching service is staffed by medical students, interns and residents. The patients on the services are a heterogeneous group of critically ill patients with medical, surgical, gynecologic, obstetrical, and neurologic problems. Residents will spend 1-3 rotations at UnityPoint-Meriter during the course of their 3 years of residency. UnityPoint-Meriter Hospital has received national and regional awards from several organizations for achieving high quality patient care outcomes. For more details on UnityPoint-Meriter Hospital, please go here.


In all three hospitals, third- or fourth-year medical students are assigned as clinical clerks or subinterns to nearly every service. All residents participate in instruction of the students assigned to their services. The hospitals have ample ancillary services for blood drawing, IVs and patient escort. Computer terminals with access to patient data from prior visits and studies, information systems, the internet, and cumulative databases of laboratory and pharmacy data are readily available on all wards and clinics.  All of our teaching hospitals and clinics have fully functioning electronic medical records.

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