PalliTALK Communication Workshop

PalliTALK Fellows Course:  October 24-26, 2016

PalliTALK Practicing Providers Course:  October 28-29, 2016

The Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706

What is PalliTALK?

PalliTALK is a theatre based simulation workshop that improves participants’ communication skills in common and challenging scenarios with seriously ill patients and families.  Our resource intense (1 faculty coach per 5 learners), learner-centered approach, has proven effective in changing behavior because we are able to customize the teaching for each individual.  We utilize short didactics and demonstrations to teach specific skill content and then small groups to practice, reinforce, and affirm behavior change with specialized actors.  You will return home from the conference with new skills, and individualized learning plan, and increased confidence and comfort in dealing with serious news discussions, dealing with conflict, high risk shared decision making, and major transitions in care.

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Note: it is important that you register for the appropriate course (Fellow Course or Provider Course). Please contact us if you have any questions regarding which course is appropriate for you.

PalliTALK Fellows Course

PalliTALK Providers Course

For more information contact:
Matt Kronberger, MS
Palliative Care Education Coordinator