University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Feedback and Evaluations



The evaluation process has recently been streamlined to electronic, internet based evaluations for all rotations at each participating hospital.  The Fellowship Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review each fellows' individual performance.  Evaluations are then discussed with each fellow on a semi-annual basis by the fellowship director.  The following evaluations are in-place as part of a 360 degree assessment: 


Evaluation  Schedule 
1. Faculty evaluation of fellow Biweekly
2. Nurse evaluation of fellow Biannual  
3. Patient survey of care   20 per semester in continuity clinic 
4. Peer evaluation   Biannual 
5. Case conference   Each presentation 
6. Journal Club   Each presentation 
7. Mini-CEX   VA Endoscopy and 1st year UW Endo 
8. Fellow evaluation of Faculty   Biweekly
9. Fellow evaluation of Rotation  Biweekly  
10. PD Summative Semester Review   Biannual 
11. Exit Interview   End of Fellowship 
12. One and 5 year graduate survey   At 1 and 5 years post-graduation  


Evaluations are based on professionalism, compassion, knowledge of topics, incentive for obtaining new/additional literature, physical exam skills, endoscopic skills (as above described endoscopic competence), ability to formulate a clinical impression and plan, as well as overall performance.  In addition, fellows will have an opportunity to evaluate each faculty member as well as the rotation.