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Core Curriculum

"Gastroenterology consultants must possess a range of attributes, including a broad knowledge base, the ability to generate a relevant differential diagnosis based on an accurate history and physical examination, an understanding of the indications and contraindications for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, skill at performing these procedures, the ability to think critically, and an appreciation of the humanistic and ethical aspects of medicine.  Such attributes can emanate only from a clinical training program that provides a firm foundation in pathophysiology as well as abundant exposure to patients under the supervision of experienced, thoughtful educators.  This exposure must be long enough for trainees to understand the natural history of disease and the impact of treatment both on the disease and on the patient.  Instructors in procedures must impart a thoughtful, cost-conscious approach to the use of technology as an extension of the subspecialist's craft rather than as an end in itself.  Facilities must be available for trainees to participate actively in research as a means of fostering the inquisitive thought processes demanded of skilled consultants, to create new knowledge, and to improve patient care.  Surrounding all of these activities must be a dedication to the patient as a person; technical expertise in the absence of humanism represents the antithesis of the skilled practitioner, whether generalist or subspecialist."

- The Gastroenterology Core Curriculum, 3rd Ed., May 2007


The Gastroenterology Core Curriculum, 3rd Edition, May 2007

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