University of Wisconsin
School of Medicine and Public Health

Secretarial Center Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work does the Secretarial Center do?

Manuscripts, research papers, book chapters

Documents are received as new or revised drafts, may have been rough-typed by the division secretary/doctor (include copy on disk, email file or put on shareall directory) and then edited in the Center according to specific journal or editor guidelines, spell checked, assigned a document locator code and stored on the network using Microsoft Word. Hard copy or email file is sent back for further corrections if needed.

Grant proposals

Prepared under the guidelines of the specific granting agencies using Filemaker Pro or Adobe Acrobat.

Protocols and consent forms

Typed to meet the requirements of the author.


Type, scan or shoot slides.

Letters of Recommendation; Mail Merges

Letters written by the Department of Medicine faculty at the request of 4th year medical students, interns, residents and fellows.

Grant Reviews and Journal Reviews

Input, revision and output of grant reviews and journal reviews.

Curriculum Vitae

Type and revise curriculum vitae for faculty members of the Department of Medicine. These are kept on the network with a copy emailed back to Division.

How is work submitted?

Submit handwritten, typed, micro or mini-cassettes, diskette with hard copy, or email material to the Secretarial Center. You can fax copies (if very legible). Any work done can be put on your disk, a CD-ROM, emailed or put in the medicine shareall directory for your use if requested.

How do I get my 35 mm slides into PowerPoint?

The Secretarial Center has a Nikon Film Scanner that can scan your slides into jpeg files that are inserted into PowerPoint. You will receive a CD ROM with your presentation on it. Just bring in your slides and you will have them done in a day or two depending on the workload.

What if I have text slides I want to be able to edit?

The Secretarial Center has a slide projector to project your slides for easy viewing and can re-type into a PowerPoint presentation that can then be edited.

How do I get 35 mm slides from my PowerPoint file?

The Secretarial Center has a digital palette that can shoot your file on film to be developed, from Medical Illustration, into slides. The turnaround time is 2 days but rushes can be accommodated, with a 100-300% increase in cost.