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SOP 3.1: Salary on Sponsored Projects

DOM Accounting Policy and Procedure
TOPIC: Payroll EFFECTIVE DATE: 11/1/2013
TITLE: 3.1: Sponsored Salary Entry Procedure REVISION DATE: N/A
AUTHORIZED BY: Sheri Lawrence, Administrator  


This policy creates, standardizes, and implements procedures for entering employee salaries on sponsored funding sources within the Department of Medicine (DOM). The intent of these procedures is to allow for a standard of entry across the various divisions of the department, resulting in improved and more accurate entry, tracking, and reporting by financial and payroll staff.


Sponsored funds make up a significant portion of the UW, SMPH, and DOM financial portfolios. Accurate projection and effective management of these funds is essential to the UW’s responsibility to our sponsors and is essential to assure the on-going availability of these important funds.

This policy applies to all staff and employees of the Department of Medicine who manage or enter any salary funded by a sponsored fund within the UW Department of Medicine and specifically addresses ANY AND ALL SPONSORED SALARY ON PROJECTS WITH AN END DATE OUTSIDE OF THE FISCAL YEAR END (6/30). It has come to our attention that sponsored funds that have any end date outside of the State of Wisconsin Fiscal Year are subject to being encumbered within SFS beyond the official end date of the sponsored project, possibly resulting in incomplete and inaccurate reporting of the status of those accounts. To alleviate this, any sponsored salary entered on an account deemed to fit these parameters MUST BE ENTERED INTO THE UW HRS SALARY SYSTEM WITH AN END DATE. As HRS is prospective (only another, future entry will supersede its predecessor), the DOM individual responsible for entering any salary on that project will need to make an additional SUBSEQUENT salary entry to reallocate any funding that could be ending. Every attempt should be made to find/enter a valid, current, and allowable UW funding source. If a successor account or other divisional funding source is unavailable, the missing percentage of salary may be placed on an SMPH PLACEHOLDER ACCOUNT temporarily until further funding is known, made available, or UNTIL THE NEXT SALARY CALCULATION DEADLINE DATE following the end of the project. PLACEHOLDER ACCOUNTS ARE NOT INTENDED OR ABLE TO INCUR OR HOLD REAL SALARY EXPENSES. Placeholder account reports will be made available and should be reviewed monthly to determine if any salary is slated to be charged to a placeholder account. If division personnel are found on the report, an alternate source of funding must be entered 2 days before the final CALC DATE for that month. SMPH and DOM financial staff monitor placeholder reports and will notify the division if action is not found to have been taken. After the deadline, any salary still pending to be charged onto a placeholder account will be allocated to that division’s respective JR account by DOM Finance.

Affected employees are responsible for reading, understanding, and following this policy. If an employee does not understand any part of this policy, questions may be addressed to the department payroll office or your Department Financial Services representative.


Any salary percentage charged to a sponsored fund with an end date OTHER THAN 6/30 entered into HRS must have a subsequent entry in HRS effective THE FOLLOWING DAY that reallocates the expiring salary percentage. Every attempt should be made to find/enter a valid, current, and allowable UW funding source. If funding is unavailable or unknown, an SMPH “placeholder” account has been provided for temporary use:


For example, Dr. Joe has 90% of his salary on projects that end on 3/31. There needs to be an entry made effective 4/1 to reallocate the 90% that is expiring.

Original funding entry:

HRS example 1

Subsequent entry:

HRS example 2

In this case, a successor account is unavailable so the SMPH placeholder account PRJ43JK is used effective 4/1/2014. Once new funding for the individual becomes available, another entry should be made to remove the placeholder entry and reallocate the percentage(s) needed effective the same day (4/1).


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