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Heather M. Johnson, MD, MS, FAHA is an Associate Professor in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Her primary clinical and research focus is to improve the evidence-based management of hypertension and other cardiovascular disease risk factors. She is a Preventive Cardiologist board certified in Clinical Cardiovascular Medicine, Echocardiography, and Nuclear Cardiology. Dr. Johnson is also an American Society of Hypertension Specialist in Clinical Hypertension and a Fellow of the American Heart Association.

Dr. Johnson is a health services researcher with the University of Wisconsin Health Innovation Program and an NIH-funded investigator (NHLBI 1K23HL112907; 1R01HL132148-01A1). She has won awards and honors for her research, clinical care, and leadership through the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and national organizations.

Dr. Johnson has developed a research program that utilizes health outcomes data and qualitative methodology to develop interventions that improve the delivery of cardiovascular preventive services. Most notably, Dr. Johnson developed and has been awarded funding for the MyHEART (My Hypertension Education And Reaching Target) program, a theoretical based health-coaching program tailored to young adults with hypertension. Dr. Johnson’s research has also included evaluating predictors and mechanisms of subclinical atherosclerosis with the University of Wisconsin Atherosclerosis Imaging Research Program and the University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention. She has studied the effects of tobacco cessation and smoking on mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and the use of carotid intima-media thickness to improve evidence-based cardiovascular disease risk factor management.

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