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Arjang Djamali, MD, MS



MADISON, WI 53705-2281


Chief, Division of Nephrology

Dr. Arjang Djamali is Professor of Medicine and Surgery, and Head of the Nephrology Division in the Department of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. Dr. Djamali received his Master's Degree in Immunology and Medical Degree from Montpellier Medical School, Montpellier, France. He completed his medical residency in Montpellier Medical School and Wayne State University, Michigan. Dr. Djamali's transplant research and nephrology fellowships were completed in Madison, WI and he is currently a Transplant Physician at UWHealth.

The goal of Dr. Djamali's research is to improve the health and well-being of patients with transplant kidney disease. In particular, his work focuses on disease progression and outcomes. He has examined this topic using basic, clinical, and translational studies assessing the mechanisms of graft injury at UW Health, one of the finest transplant centers in the world. Dr. Djamali has a broad background in immunology and transplant medicine, with specific training and expertise in key research areas including immunosuppression, oxidative stress, allograft fibrosis and antibody-mediated processes. As PI or co-Investigator on previous University, Foundation and NIH grants, Dr. Djamali's clinical research includes clinical trials and observational studies that address the prevention and treatment of rejection in kidney transplant recipients, and the evaluation of non-invasive imaging tools to monitor kidney allograft function. His basic and translational research has focused on the molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate intrarenal oxygenation, oxidative stress, and fibrosis in the kidney. To this end, his research laboratory has developed animal models of acute and chronic injury including unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO), ischemia reperfusion injury (IRI), chronic calcineurin inhibitor (CNI) nephrotoxicity, and antibody-mediated rejection (ABMR).

Dr. Djamali has more than 80 manuscripts and book chapters published in this area. This research has been supported by the National Institute of Health, the American Society of Nephrology, the American Society of Transplantation and pharmaceutical industry.

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