Contact Information

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Neil Binkley, MD



MADISON, WI 53706-1510

(608) 265-6410


Current Appointments

1991-Present Attending Physician
Geriatric Service
Wm. S. Middleton VAMC or UW Hospital
Madison, WI
1994-Present Affiliated Scientist
Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center
Madison, WI
1994-Present Assistant Professor
Geriatrics Division
Madison, WI
2000-Present Attending Physician
University of Wisconsin Osteoporosis Clinical Center

Certification and Licensure

1983 American Board of Internal Medicine
1992 Certificate of Added Qualification in Geriatric Medicine
Medical licensure Wisconsin (current), Michigan (past)


1975 BS, Zoology, Summa Cum Laude, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
1979 MD., University of Wisconsin-Madison

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