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Four of 13 UW-Madison Microbiome Initiative Projects Involve Department of Medicine Members

In recent years, advances in DNA sequencing technology have allowed scientists to glimpse the brilliant diversity of the microbial world in and on the human body—but our understanding of how the microbiome affects health is still in its infancy. 

To galvanize the UW-Madison research community’s focus on microbiome research, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education has launched the 2017 UW-Madison Microbiome Initiative, which provides seed funding for eight research projects, four infrastructure projects and one research community enhancement award. 

Each grant is funded for two years, with research and infrastructure grants being awarded up to $250,000 and research community enhancements up to $10,000. The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) and the Graduate School also provided support for the initiative.   

Four of the 13 projects selected for funding involve Department of Medicine members. They are: 

- by Robyn M. Perrin, PhD, June 30, 2017