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Women in Medicine at UW

Women find collaboration and success at UW. Preeminent researchers, influential academic leaders, talented medical educators, and physicians who have established groundbreaking clinical programs: the UW environment creates a culture of success for women in medicine. Learn more


Resources & Programs for Women in Medicine

The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus hosts programs, workshops, and other resources for women in academic medicine, including:

Betsy Trowbridge, MDMeet Some of our Faculty Mentors. Collaborative mentors abound among the 138 women faculty members in the Department of Medicine. Mentoring approaches are characterized by both Midwestern approachability and a deep commitment to trainees. Our faculty members are moving the future of medicine forward and bringing our residents with them. Learn more

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At UW, women physicians lead and succeed at every stage of their careers. Residents work side-by-side with some of the most influential women in medicine in the nation. Learn more about accomplishments, resources and opportunities, and the work of some of our faculty mentors.