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Didactic Series

The UW Division of Geriatrics, VA Madison GRECC and ADRC are pleased to present  the Geriatrics Didactic Series.  The series is intended to provide educational opportunities and updates on the latest findings both within the division and globally within the field of geriatrics and aging research.

The series consists of a variety of learning opportunities including:

  • Grand Rounds - These sessions are intended to present cutting edge research within the field of geriatrics.  In addition, they may review clinical problems in geriatrics by focusing on current or interesting cases.
  • ADRC Seminars - The ADRC (Alzheimer's Disease Research Center) presents the most high-impact case studies and research directly relevant to Alzheimer's diseases diagnosis, treatment and prevention in these sessions.
  • ADRC Case Conferences & Geriatric Case Conferences
  • Journal Club - These sessions are intended to provide a forum for discussion of new research within the field of geriatrics.  The presenter will provide critical appraisal of an article and the data presented to facilitate discussion.

The Didactic Series is offered during the academic year from September - May on Tuesdays from Noon - 1:00 pm.

Attend online via password: geriatrics

2017/2018 Didactic Series

Date Series Presenter Topic Location
2/6/18 Case Conference Shahriar Salamat, MD, PhD Clinicopathologic Case Conference HSLC 1248
2/13/18 Grand Rounds

Kathleen Walsh, DO

Syncope in the Older Adult - 2017 ACC/AHA/HRS Updated Guidelines

HSLC 1248
2/20/18 ADRC Seminar

Andrea Gilmore-Bykovskyi, PhD, RN 

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Dementia: Importance and Management Considerations

HSLC 1248
2/27/18 Journal Club

Carey Gleason, PhD

35,000 subjects and growing: What is the NACC dataset telling us about race and risk for dementia?

HSLC 1229
3/6/18 Case Conference

Melissa Dattalo, MD

Rapidly Progressive Dementia HSLC 1248
3/13/18 Grand Rounds

Sharon Weber, MD

Surgical Transitional Care: Improving Results After Complex Abdominal Surgery HSLC 1248
3/20/18 ADRC Seminar

Jill Barnes, PhD, FACSM

Vascular Health and Implications for the Brain

HSLC 1248
4/3/18 Case Conference Shahriar Salamat, MD, PhD Clinicopathologic Case Conference HSLC 1248
4/10/18 Grand Rounds

Steve Barczi, MD & Melissa Dattalo, MD

Quality Forum HSLC 1229
4/17/18 ADRC Seminar

Nate Chin, MD

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Decoding 23andMe and its Impact on Memory Care HSLC 1248
4/24/18 Journal Club

Eileen Ahearn, MD
Tim Olson, MD

A Model for Evaluation and Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms due to Dementia: Adaption of the TIME Model for Use on an Acute Inpatient Psychiatry Unit (Ahearn) & VA to ALF Outpatient Care Plan Communication Improvement: Medications (Olson) HSLC 1229
5/8/18 Grand Rounds Mihai Teodorescu, MD Nocturia HSLC 1248
5/15/18 Journal Club Elizabeth Champan, MD, Tim Olson, MD, Jerry Pankratz, MD & Lauren Welch, PharmD  Highlights from AGS 2018 HSLC TBD


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