The Kimple Lab: Therapeutic Targets for Diabetes

Michelle E. Kimple, Ph.D.

Office: C4149C William S. Middleton VA Hospital

Lab: C4141 William S. Middleton VA Hospital

Phone: 608-616-0138



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Michelle E. Kimple, PhD, leads a multi-level research team whose focus is on understanding how the beta-cells of the pancreas respond to nutrient and hormonal stimulation to affect biological changes. Her group is especially interested in elucidating how dysfunctional G protein-coupled receptor signaling pathways contribute to the pathogenesis of type 1 and type 2 diabetes and in translating these insights into new and improved diabetes therapeutics. Dr. Kimple's research has been funded almost continuously from her PhD onwards by the National Institutes of Health and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, among other agencies. Her work has been featured in several university press releases and patent applications. Dr. Kimple has been the recipient of several awards, including a Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship from Duke University, where she learned the skills necessary to be a successful mentor and teacher while maintaining a top-tier research laboratory.


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Diagram of how regulation of cAMP production by Gαz can impact on β-cell function & mass.



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