Travel Directions to the VA Hospital

Travel Information to the VA Hospital

Postal Address:
William S. Middleton Memorial VA Hospital
2500 Overlook Terrace
Madison, WI 53705

Phone Numbers:
(608) 256-1901


Highway Map:
UW Hospital (CSC) Highway Map

Hospital area map:
Map of UW Hospital

To get to VA Hospital building:VA Hospital is located at 2500 Overlook Terrace., Madison, Wisconsin, at the west end of the UW-Madison campus. From University Ave., turn north onto Highland Ave. (Or, if you are westbound on Campus Drive, you can take an exit ramp to go north on Highland Ave.; however, you cannot turn onto Highland Ave. from the eastbound lane of Campus Drive.) Follow the signs to UW Hospital and Clinics.

Bus Map:
Bus map subsection showing the UW Hospital and VA Hospital

Biking / Walking:
There are many bike paths throughout the Madison area and adequate bike parking at the UW hospital. We encourage visitors to consider one of these forms of transportation when traveling to the Hospital.