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Mission Statement


The Department of Medicine advances the health of the people of Wisconsin and beyond through high quality, patient-centered care, innovative research and education of the next generation of physicians.


The Department of Medicine will be the national leader in:

  • High quality patient-centered care
  • Transformational research
  • Innovative education programs


The faculty and staff of the Department of Medicine value:

Professionalism, patient-centeredness, compassion, respect, innovation, discovery, inclusion, diversity, teamwork, scholarship, and stewardship.

  • PROFESSIONALISM as demonstrated by honesty, integrity, inclusivity, accountability, fairness, altruism and treating everyone with kindness, compassion and respect
  • PATIENT-CENTEREDNESS as the core of everything we do and we demonstrate this by highly satisfied patients and families all of the time
  • RESPECT for all others, for who they are and what they do
  • DISCOVERY, INNOVATION and SCHOLARSHIP as leaders in research, patient care and education
  • DIVERSITY and INCLUSION as essential components in all our missions
  • TEAMWORK, as we are more effective together than as individuals
  • STEWARDSHIP of our resources as this will allow us to sustain and grow our mission