Clinical Excellence

What is Clinical Excellence?

Clinical excellence is performing at a level well above satisfactory—both qualitatively and decisively. When our physicians achieve a level of mastery in communication and interpersonal skills, professionalism and humanism, and negotiation of the healthcare system, we recognize and reward them. 

These physicians are exemplary, having demonstrated leadership in the delivery of clinical service and in development of new ideas and improvements. These physicians are able to quickly diagnose and treat medical problems and adhere to a scholarly approach to medicine. They exhibit a passion for patient care, and they explicitly model all of the above to medical trainees, thereby earning an exceptional reputation,

At UW Heath, we recognize clinical excellence. We want to retain the best clinicians by acknowledging them for exceptional work. We want to attract more excellent clinicians. And we want to make sure the next generation of physicians will be trained to the standards we hold for clinical excellence by providing outstanding role models and teachers.