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University of Wisconsin Allergy and Immunology Fellowship

Photo of Sujani Kakumanu  Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program

Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program at a glance:

  • We offer a 2 year clinical track fellowship and a 3 year research track fellowship 
  • Extensive clinical experiences with seamless integration between adult and pediatric clinics.
  • Specialized clinical and research training designed to fit your career interests.
  • One on one mentoring with world renowned leaders in Allergy and Immunology
    • Dr. Robert Lemanske, one of our educational faculty members is the president elect of the AAAAI.
    • Dr. William Busse, recipient of the ATS Foundation Breathing for Life Award 2014 and former president of the AAAAI.
    • Dr. James Gern, Principal Investigator of UW Asthma and Allergic Disease cooperative research Center.
  • We offer capstone certification and tuition support in the following:
    • Capstone Certificate for Clinical Research path
    • Masters of Science (MS) in Clinical Investigation
    • Certificate in Biomedical Informatics
    • Certificate in Clinical and Community Outcomes Research 

Division Research Highlights:

  • COAST: COAST is an NIH funded longitudinal study that follows a cohort of 270 children born at high risk for childhood asthma and allergies. It evaluates how genetic and environmental factors, especially viral respiratory tract infections, contribute to the expression, progression and remission of those disorders. COAST recently received a five-year, $8.25 million renewal to further analyze the mechanisms underlying gender-specific changes in asthma prevalence during adolescence, and the contribution of the microbiome and allergic and nonallergic immunologic and genetic pathways in asthma development.
  • SARP: Severe Asthma Research Program is focused on identifying factors that contribute to the development of severe asthma to help guide new approaches to therapy. PI - Dr. Nizar Jarjour
  • AsthmaNet: Conducts asthma treatment trials in both children and adults, evaluating the role of vitamin D as an add-on therapy. The benefits of azithromycin for preventing lower respiratory tract symptoms in children suffering from upper respiratory tract illness and the role of oral corticosteroids in treating episodes of lower respiratory tract symptoms in children. Lead by Dr. Robert Lemanske.
  • URECA: (funded by ICAC) is a birth cohort study to identify environmental factors in inner cities that promote the development of childhood allergies and asthma.
  • AADCRC: Asthma and Allergic Disease Cooperative Research Center: (funded by the NIAID) to study the mechanisms and environmental determinants of rhinovirus illness severity and relationship of early childhood wheezing illnesses to the subsequent development of asthma. Lead by Dr. James Gern
  • ICAC: The Inner City Asthma Consortium is a multicenter grant led by Drs Busse, Gern and Sorkness at the UW. The goal of this multicenter consortium is to identify state of the art immune-based treatments for he treatment of asthma in urban children.

About our institution, the University of Wisconsin, Madison:

  • World renowned public research university, ranking third among all institutions of higher education in research and development expenditures.
  • 3 scholars have won Nobel Prizes while members of the faculty; 7 Nobel Prizes have gone to former students or faculty members; and more then 50 faculty are members of the National Academy of Sciences.
  • The University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, the American Family Childrens Hospital, and the William S. Middleton VA Hospital are all recognized as excellent providers of clinical services to their respective populations.

Why Madison:

The city of Madison and the surrounding communities such as Middleton, Verona and Fitchburg have also enjoyed the national spotlight with top rankings as the best places to live in the United States by a variety of surveys.

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Sujani Kakumanu, MD

Fellowship Director

For more information please contact:

Jami Simpson, MA
Phone: (608) 265-1465
Fax: (608) 263-3104